Music for Interactive Media

Aleix is a person with whom it is enjoyable to work, he gets very involved in the project ensuring a high quality result”

Rubén Acebal, Ubisoft

Working with Aleix means solutions. He adapts perfectly to the needs of every project to create the music that suits it the best”

Albert Dalmau, OLALON

What Can I Do for Your Game?

A memorable soundtrack

Good game music will not only make your game feel better, but it will also make it more memorable. My specialty is to boost the impact of games with musical themes that define and enhance characters, styles, places, and ideas while making the whole experience more memorable for the player. 

Sometimes a complex array of musical themes is needed but other times a simpler approach works better for games with little or no narrative. 

Every game needs a different and unique solution.

Adaptive music  

Video game music is evolving. The most effective soundtracks in video games are adaptive: they seamlessly adapt to the gameplay of the player to make the experience even more immersive and satisfying. The best way to do so is with FMOD, a powerful tool that can be easily implemented within Unity, Unreal, and other game engines.

The right music style for your game 

(even if it still doesn't exist!)  

Every style of music can be game music, and sometimes games demand unusual blends of genres. "Epic orchestral + EDM"? "Sci-Fi + Folk"? "Metal + 8-bit"? I've done them all before.

I will make the ideal soundtrack for your project, whatever music it takes. I love challenges! 

Sound Design

In addition to the music, I can also take care of the sound design of your project (the creation and implementation of sound effects) in case you still don't have a dedicated person doing it. 

In this video, you can see some examples of games in which I've made not only the music but also the sound design.

How will we do it?

1. Let's talk 

Let's discuss the needs of your game and how we can use music to improve its gameplay experience. Without compromise. Via email, a Skype call or in person - you decide.


2. Creation of music 

Once the details have been specified I will start working on the magic of music. Worried about the outcome? I send regular updates and demos to my clients to make sure we are all satisfied with the direction and progress of the music.

3. Implementation 

If the game needs it, I will use FMOD to make the music adaptive. I can implement it with the cooperation of a programmer from your team, or I can implement it on my own if it's needed.


Now what?

Drop me an email at or use the form below to start discussing the needs of your project. No compromise. 

Let's start making your game better!

Who is Aleix Ramon?

Aleix Ramon is a music composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist musician established in Barcelona (Spain). He has degrees in both music theory and audiovisual communication, and carried a successful research in the field of Music Psychology in the prestigious IPEM (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music) in Ghent (Belgium). He also played in a wide variety of bands, ranging from Jazz to Metal music.

He is also the writer of "The Nomad Home Studio: The Complete Guide to Making a Living from Music While Traveling", a book aimed to teach other music composers, producers and sound engineers achieve a better and more satisfying lifestyle.

In the field of advertising, he has composed the music of numerous videos including clients like Nike and Decathlon. Between 2015 and 2016, he assisted in the audio production of adverts for international brands like Audi, Volkswagen and Nescafé in the renowned BSO Super Studio in Barcelona.

In the world of cinema he has collaborated in both short and feature films. A long-lasting collaboration with the Spanish company OLALON led to the production of different short films that are currently being submitted to different film festivals, and the feature film Blood Room for which he composed and produced the main theme was premiered during the renowned Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.

Aleix Ramon is nowadays collaborating in the development of video games taking care not only of its music and sound design but also of its audio implementation using the middleware FMOD